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Past Work

Our integrated approach ensures every element works cohesively to consistently achieve results and push your brand forward.

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The Challenge

Launch the new album of an international recording artist to coincide with an upcoming national tour.

The Goal

Reach the Top 10 on debut on the ARIA charts

The Approach

After thorough investigation and understanding of the multiple factors contributing to ARIA chart placement, the team used a combination of the artists' fan profile and the genre's fan profile to create bespoke audience segments accompanied by dynamic creative messaging.


The campaign was amplified through offline and digital channels, encouraging fans to listen and sample songs from the album.






The Result

#2 on debut on the ARIA charts

First-to-market ad integration with Spotify


Market & Industry Investigation

Media Planning & Buying

Campaign Management

Creative Ideation & Production

Data Attribution 

*Due to confidentiality agreements and sensitive information, we do not disclose our client's names.

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